The holiday’s are on the way, which means swiping that card, whether it’s in person or online. A recent credit card theft case in Billings has sparked some conversation about the safety of your money.

As the Billings police department continues their search for the suspects in a theft case that you can see in the above video, another question comes to mind; credit and debit card safety. Swiping your card is usually nothing but a thing while your shopping, but how easy is it for potential thieves to get a hold of your information? KULR-8 reached out to the Better Business Bureau to get some tips on how to keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. One of the biggest being regular check ups on your bank statements.

“It’s really important to check those accounts regularly these days. You can sign in online and check those very easily. You can even set up alerts to where you’re notified if there is a charge above a certain amount or if there may be something a little bit out of the ordinary. So there’s a lot of measures you can take to improve your security,” says Stephen Mayer of the Better Business Bureau.

KULR-8 was also able to reach Christine Simonsen, the victim of the most recent credit card theft in Billings. She told me that it’s the businesses who should be held accountable for not checking identifications. 

“It’s frustrating that businesses aren’t requiring that. My name is Christine, it’s not a common mans name. So I don’t quite understand why businesses aren’t requiring that. Especially when you are getting large purchases.”

After reaching out to the Montana Department of Justice we also learned about a new Facebook page the Montana Office of Consumer Protection has begun. With the holiday season right around the corner, the Attorney General’s Office wants to help keep the consumer safe.

“We’re super excited because we’re just going to use it as an asset for consumers to give them helpful tips and tricks to be a savvy consumer especially with the holidays coming up. We’re going to be posting things about how to make sure you’re doing safe online shopping,” says Gabrielle Crofford of the Montana Department of Justice Office of Consumer Protection.

If you have any information that might help police identify the men in the above video, you’re asked to call the Billings Police Department, or message their Facebook page referencing the case number 18-78925.



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