As we wrap up the month of June and the state continues to reopen, you may be planning a getaway. But if you’re been working from home, there are steps you should take before you go. We are stretching your dollar with keeping work and home secure so you can enjoy vacation.

After months in quarantine, you may be ready to break out. As state parks and campgrounds reopen, experts remind you to tend to your home office before taking off on vacation starting with your work files.

“Make sure they’re secured or at the office or in a locked file, somewhere nobody has access to,” Lise Lapointe, Owner of Taranova Security.

Lapoint says working from home is convenient, but it creates security concerns as you take off for vacation. It makes it more important than ever – nobody knows you’re gone.

She suggests you’re careful about who gets that automatic “Out of office” alert on your e-mails. Consider keeping it to just your contacts if you can and beware of social media

When you post pictures of your vacation from where you are, it tells people you’re not home, so you have to be careful.

Also, if you’re bringing your phone or other devices with you, make sure they have the most up-to-date software. It makes it harder for people to hack into them. Simple steps to consider so your vacation doesn’t become a scammers opportunity.

You also want to shred sensitive documents and close down anything not in use like printers or other devices.



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