(WFSB) – President Donald Trump went to Texas on Thursday to visit a border station along the Rio Grande and push the case for his border wall.

The visit comes the day before hundreds of thousands of federal workers miss their first paychecks in the 20-day old shutdown.

This is about to be the longest government shutdown on record and it’s a troubling time for the thousands of workers caught in the middle of it.

Trump brought his battle over the wall to the Texas border with Mexico on Thursday.

”A lot of the crime in our country is caused by what comes through here,” said Trump.

The president said miles of open border allow drug and human traffickers to come and go as they please.

“The problem is they go to the barrier but now they go around the barrier, so when you fill the gaps it’s going to be a much different day,” Trump said.

With the standoff between the White House and Democratic leaders only intensifying, the question now is will the president declare a national emergency to sidestep Congress and fund a wall.

“I would like to look it broader, I think we can do this quickly, because this is common sense and it’s not expensive,” said Trump.

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham released a statement saying it’s time for the president to use emergency powers, after Graham’s efforts to forge a deal seemed to fall apart on Thursday.

“I just don’t see a pathway forward,” Graham said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday criticized Republicans for rejecting Democratic funding bills that would re-open several government agencies.

”Do you take an oath to the Constitution or do you take an oath to Donald Trump,” Pelosi said.

On Friday 800,000 federal workers face missing their first paycheck and if you’re one of them worried about how to stay afloat, Joel Johnson from Johnson Brunetti says it’s time to start dipping into the emergency fund.

Credit cards would be next but avoid touching retirement accounts.

“Even if you have to do short term borrowing, or even put something on credit cards. Personally, I would rather put something on a credit card than touch my retirement account,” said Johnson.

Johnson says that emergency fund should have enough to cover someone for up to two months.

He also suggests having a talk with creditors about delaying payments.

In the meantime, the Senate voted to provide back pay for impacted workers when the shutdown ends.

The House is expected to vote on it tomorrow.

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