WEBSTER, Texas — Webster Police are looking for a man they say went on a shopping spree with a woman’s credit card, and they want your help before he strikes again.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was just so shocked,” said Maria Wright, whose wallet was stolen.

It was supposed to be an uneventful meal at La Madeline last Thursday in Webster off the Gulf Freeway.

“We were having just a normal girlie lunch, just hanging out with the girls,” said Helen Wright, her daughter.

Everything was normal, until Wright’s husband got an alert on their credit cards and called asking if she had her wallet.

“I said yes, I’ve got it…and he said will you check?” Maria Wright said.

Her purse had been on the back of her chair at lunch, and she still had it with her, but the wallet was stolen.

Webster police released two surveillance pictures to KHOU 11 of the man they believe is responsible. The pictures are from Best Buy just across the street where he bought two iMac computers. Investigators say he made another stop at a nearby Macy’s and in total racked up around $8,000 in purchases in just two hours.

“His scarf and his coat he had, he was a very well dressed man,” Helen Wright said.

The daughter says the scariest part, after seeing his picture, was she recognized him as the man sitting at the table behind her mom at lunch when the wallet disappeared.

“It’s horrible that it happens to anyone, and I just hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else,” Maria Wright said. “I think he needs to be caught.”

Investigators say they’re in the process of collecting more surveillance video, but they want to hear from you. Call Webster Police (281) 332-2426 or Crime Stoppers (713) 222-TIPS.


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