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Looking for a reliable source for strong AU tradelines?

Parents routinely add their children on their credit cards to jumpstart the building of their credit history. Here at Say No To Bad Credit DOT com, we do the same for those who do not have access to those benefits in their networks. By being added as an authorized user (AU) onto an established credit card, that card’s flawless credit history will be reported to your credit report, giving you the credit boost you need. Some profiles see a dramatic 100 point increase and some see a 35 point increase. It all depends on your current credit profile.

* AU – tradelines are not favorable to those having tarnished credit.*

Choose your tradeline from our options below. Tradelines are available on a first come first served basis.

  • Our tradelines have perfect payment history
  • Our tradelines CANNOT be used on CPN’s
  • Our tradelines have low utilization
  • Our tradelines can increase your credit score if you are looking to purchase a home, or car.

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