“At TD Bank, we take the issue of fraud and identity theft very seriously. We investigate each case to determine the facts and take appropriate action. In this case, unauthorized accounts were opened online by an unknown suspect. We notified the victim in April 2018 that we closed the accounts and that we implemented steps to identify future attempts to open a TD account under the name of the victim. There were no financial transactions conducted on the accounts before they were closed. We regret that the victim in this case was misinformed that she had to go to a TD Bank store to resolve this situation since it was not necessary. Looking at the general issue of identity theft, people can be targets for increasingly sophisticated attempts to gain unauthorized access to their personal information. This is an issue for diverse businesses and consumers across the country. As a result, TD Bank utilizes industry best practices in an effort to safeguard customer accounts and the information of our customers, and we provide tools and information to help customers do the same. As we did in this case, we also advise victims of identity theft to file a police report with their local law enforcement agency and file a report with the Federal Trade Commission at http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/feature-0014-identity-theft.



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